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  Baby Naming / Cradle Ceremony and Floral Decorations
Designs are Created and Executed exclusively by 7events - Call for Modern, Ethnic, Classic, Contemporary designs - 09900000941.
  Namakaran Stage Decoration :

Many people make the Naming Ceremony Stage Decoration similar to a wedding!!!
7events breaks and brings a concept to go with Baby's event. When guest arriveto the event they must feel it like a Baby Naming ceremony Reception and Not wedding Reception.We use baby dolls, props to make a very contemporary design for babies event. We can also include Baloons matching with the theme depending on concept. An elegant cradle must be well done and Nameboard to be highlighted in the decoration than anything else.We have Indian ethnic style, Western Style, Fusion Style, Self defined stage flpwer based and non Flower based decoration. For Baptism we make decoration with Balloons, Drapes and beautiful Candles and Fairy LIghts . Generally the Cristians will chose soft colours like White, Lavendor and Peach colors. These photos are for reference to customers and we can modify the colour themes. We can also change the colours of flowers sets, type of flowers to match your taste. 7events follows unique concept theory of visualizing the decoration and avoids conventional decorations which are made out of scrap looking reused statues, fibre moulds,dull looking fibre Motif Arches and nameboards, hitting colour draping etc..

Signature Snow Glow Theme Flower Peacock Rose Cradle Crescent Moon Concept Rose Flower Name Fonts Board Sharaton Bangalore 7events Naming Ceremony
Canopy Style Decoration : Canopy, Decoration with Flowers and Lights, Thailand Baskets hangings, Moon - Crescent with Cradle, cusion,
Special Theme Nameboard , FLoor Carpet, Stage Border, Door Entrance deco, Roadside Welcome Arch were done here in Samskriti - Jayanagar 3rd South End.
naming cermeony
Sankalp Sumo at 7th Block Jayanagar cradle-naming flower-decoraiton( Pink & White) of door entrance & welcome-nameboard design from 7events-Bangalore
Signature Flower based display Nameboard for naming ceremony 7events special deco Tanisnadra Main Road , Royal Grand
Out-Door Naming Ceremony Indian South-North Traditional Classic Marigold Yellow Orange Naming Ceremony Garden Resort by 7events - cradle ceremony coconut groove
naming ceremony cradle decoraiton flower
Blue Cradle Peacock Theme LOTUS Flower Cradle for naming-ceremony Signature Cradle - 7events creation in White-Houzz HSR-Layout
Naming Ceremony of a girl Child in Shiradi Saibaba Mandir Party Hall R T Nagar Bangalore TEDDY Theme
Baby Cradle and Mini Dolly to carry the kid for unveiling Peacock Theme NameBoard for Baby Naming Cradle Ceremony
Click the image below to See more Photos of the Same Design "CHAND GODIYU" Theme

Cradle Ceremony Decoration Photos.
The Saffron and Beige has made the brightest and most beautiful combination with mixed soft colours flowers matching the backdrop screen. Specially visualised to get the exact output needed.Natural sticks are used to give a modern and contemporary decoration of flowers. Combination of roundish flowers and spike flowers with sticks gives a different arrangement feel for the cradle and the crescent flowering.
A Baby Naming was done at home with full of drapes inside the home in Banashanki Bangalore. Designed and executed exclusively by 7events Creative Team.

Hosur Road Sahar Pavillion , Naming Ceremony of Tamil Community , Creative Nameboard, Canopy Style Deco with Cradle , Bangalore
Blue & Silver color which looks very elegant than Blue and White Conventional Combination. The Silver Nameboard creatively done with Baby Name. It is Canopy style with Moon Cradle. The flowers are only white and Blue shades. The suitable cool white lights add up the great look and feel to high light the deco elements enhancing beauty and making it photogenic. Specially Created for your baby. Naming ceremony with cradle.

Decoration done for 60th Year Birthday of a gentlemen thrown by his son at New Bhagini Koramagala -
Indranagar Bangalore indoor in a banquet Hall.

Click the image below to See more Photos of the Same Design
Decoration done for 50th Year Birthday of a gentlemen thrown by his wife at
Taj Westend Hotel near Race Course
Road Bangalore indoor in a banquet Beautiful Hall.
The flowers used are combination selected by the Customer. Gold Theme represents elegancy,
richness and royal feel. Any costume does well with Gold Background.
We have done crush fabrics as well plain gold cloth which is semi transparent.
The Nameboard was specially done from an expert artist with 3D finishing and spray painting.
7events Personally planned the design and colours sitting with Customer.
Two of the standees were placed at the entrance door. All flowers are very fresh and rich coloured ones


Mixed flowers of the occasion represants the colourful thoughts of the couples. The bright golden backgrond creats richness and glamour
Click the image below to See more Photos of the Same Design
Flower Decoration Sample done at the terrace garden of Savanna Sarovar , ITPL, Whitefield.
Click the image below to See more Photos of the Same Design . Naming Ceremony done at Vasavi Convention
Center @ VV Puram for Arya Vyshya Community with Sky theme.
Naming Ceremony of a girl Child in Shiradi Saibaba Mandir Party Hall R T Nagar Bangalore TEDDY Theme
7events baby naming ceremony cradle decoration best design innovative bangalore 7events.in
ORCHID Delight : Naming Ceremony: Orchid Delight : Yellow and Pink Orchids flowers stream with gold and white theme concept is superb visual for great ambiance. WHite Pillars Bouquet set.
tamarind tree naming ceremony photo design concept 7events
CLOUD and STARS Blue Theme for Birthday
hsr layout birthday crescent moon stars clouds birthday flower deco
Gold Maroon and Green Trees Stands for Baptism - Christening of 2 months Boy of Christan Program was held in Banasvadi.
The team has tried creating a new type of backdrop with LED lights, Rope Lights and Contemporary Drapes in pure white form. A simple yet eligant name board is created for the baptism of 2 months kid. Customer wanted the flower to be White. We have also tried some different leaves for the decoration as you can see. Palm leaves as well for the Coffee Stems.
tamarind tree bangalore banasavadi hotel banquet hall christening baptism
Chancery Pavillion S-Square Diamond Year 60 Birthday with Pure Drapes and Balloons Decoration - Lavender - Gold - White Theme
chancery pavillion bangalore s square hotel
  Naming Ceremony Articles
Naming Ceremony Celebration with Cradle:
Namakara?a is one of the 'Sanskara'. A new born baby has to be named and it is a mere subject of celebration. Naming ceremony is accompanied by Cradle as the child has to sleep as it will still be an infant. So Naming ceremony is also termed as Cradle Ceremony the Namakaran Samarambh'' and Tottil Habba.
Elements of Naming Ceremony:
Pooja, Homa, Rituals, Anna Prashna ( Feeding Hard food for the first time ) conventionally from Naming ceremony time. Cradle Decoration , Stage Decoration, Special Nameboard to make the Name public .Classical Music to play during the event as the crowd feels humming and give a festival feel. Since it is a happy event there could be entertainment events as well. The entire moment to be captured by the Still photography ( Candid Photo) and Video. A welcome board can be put at the entrance. We facilitate for simple to grand, elegant theme nameboards a design meaningful to the name that goes well with the theme look and feel. Dolly to carry the kid to make special Unveiling of Nameboard & Special Entry. Carriage can be used to make a small or bug procession to welcome the baby with mother to the stage. Special Baby Printed Album is all time need for the customers. Purohit / Archak/ Poojari/ Bhat will conduct the rituals part . 7events can give reference such pandits for the naming ceremony for an auspicious occasion. Babyhood Gallery Tunnel, Baby Invitation Cards.
Importance of Name Unveiling:
When our team did a survey by questioning the guests in Naming Ceremony event , 70% of them could not tell us the name of the kid after Naming Ceremony was done!!! From then we started emphasizing to make an Unveiling Of Nameboard to keep the crowd curious and also make the Nameboard Elegant. We generally give party Poppers to customers so that they will burst it when the Nameboard Cover is taken out just like poppers are burst at the time of cake cutting in Birthdays.

Name unveiling can be done in many ways.
+One simple way is to burst poppers while the cover of the name board is removed and play any descent song of God or Instrument.
+ Other-way is to carry the kid with a small dolly specially made for kids. The Dolly can be carried and the Name Unveiling can be done on the stage.
+We have small dolly which will be beautifully decorated with flowers, Decorative elements.
+To make a grand entry we have a special chariot where the kid can be brought along witht mother from the door entrance till the backdrop.
Different & Creative Cradles Exclusive from 7events:
Cradle is another main element. In olden days the cradles were used to be done in Pure Gold with Diamond works to it.
For the new generaiton we have made many unique cradles from simple to a master piece. No one has the cradles that we have with 7events.
We also do theme based custom Nameboards and Cradle if the customer want a unique special ones.
We have modern, Western, India style Cradles. Cradle always come with cushion for the baby to sleep well.
Many customer do ask for twin Baby Cradle. We will provide the same but with limited options. But all the cradles are generally big enough to keep two kids.
Flower based cradles will be fabulous. Along with flowers we use decorative props.
Present Trends:
People celebrate Naming Ceremony very interestingly and joyfully. People are crazy about making it fun and entertaining with beautiful visual look. For wedding people generally do it with hurry and anxiety while Naming ceremony is done with joy and happyness. Getting a beautiful cradle, beautiful dress, Special Theme Nameboard, Special Backdrop and most importantly the venue. People are doing in more lieasure places and open places. With Special Canopy , Special Round Tables Arrangements with Thematic Decoration and Table arrangements. Vineyeard Theme , Peacock Color Theme, Snow Glow Theme, Magic Chariot Theme, Red Theme, Blue Theme, Traditional Style Theme, Crystal Theme are some of the beautiful themes that 7events has done.
Chosing Venue :
7events.in will help the Customers to chose right venue for the right occasion depending on budget, crowd, area . We know most of the indoor and outdoor venues like Hotels, Banquet Halls, Resorts, Event Gardens, Choultries and Party Halls, in Bangalore. We do have big database of Venus in bangalorechoultry.com . Since we know most of the places and managements we can give best tips to chose from. We know pro and cons of the venue. Please call us before booking the venue to select the right place.
Other terms of Baby Naming Ceremony :
Namakaranam , Namakaran , Cradle Ceremony , Naming Ceremony , Baptism ( Christians ).
Jews celebrate this ceremony in the name of Javed Habat or Brit Mila.
Baala saara (or) Namakarana Dolarohana (or) Naam Karan is a traditional ceremony of naming a newborn baby among Hindu communities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
'Thottil' in Tamil meaning Cradle.
Evolution of Celebration:
It is a divinity to celebrate the Cradle Ceremony. Many Cultures across the world perform the event . Christians celebrate is as Baptism, Hindus clebrate from ages , all Maharajas and the coomon man were conducting the Naming ceremony auspiciously. The Buddhist , Jews & Islamic religions celebrate in their ethnicity.
Baby Namakaran Costume:
7events Suggests and does custom designer costume for Babies for Naming ceremony. Please contact us to get best help to freeze the dress.
Cradle Ceremony Baby Photoshoot , Printed Album & Babyhood Video
The most needy service for you is media coverage. The memories will be putting in place and recalling and sharing people the beauty of the cradle ceremony, Baby's photos and moveents. 7events has exclusive service for baby shoot, professional album printing and Video Making . We have options for TV watch and Social Site watch options with Whatsapp sharing Output as well. This will help the naming ceremony video to be shared easily. Candid Photography, Candid Video, Babyhood shoot are Inhouse Studio Services.
Cradle Ceremony Event Invitaiton Cards:
We make modern and and Casual Invitation Cards for Special Themes which is one of its kind special service that we do to the customers so as to make a single point of contact to execute the event creatively without much hassle of searching and designs, printing the cards. We will give in both soft copy and hard copy as per the customer-wish. We also would put the venue location with GPS coordinates for easy arrival unlike the olden days. RSVP is another element that can be put like other countries. Video invitation card service is also available for selected designs and concepts of the naming ceremony decoration. Whats-app, Facebook eMail sharing can be done with optimized images and video. Please contact us for this service which is not available with others.
Creative Furniture
We have lot of options for Furniture . We do create Interiors furnishing with theme based look and feel. We have Special Bows for chairs to give color theme to the Cradle ceremony Decoration. We have round table special arrangements with Beautiful Center piece to match with the theme. We do provide elgant and fabulous Drapes canopy which makes the entire ambiance amazed . Explore our LUXURY Tent house Services. The kind of furnishing we do generally no other have as a ready service.
Authentic and Conteporary Food Menu :
We do cater to food. We have South Indian Authentic Food, North Indian Authentic food except the Marwari. We do Kerala style, Kannada style, Telugu Style foods.
We do have continental and multicultural menu. Our Food is fantastic in taste and presentation and serving. We do very professional food catering and have served more than 500 Events so far for corporate and Families. Please exposure the MENU and contact us for further details of the service and suggestions.

  Call us for any of the above services of Cradle, Naming Ceremony. 7events.in provides exclusive services.
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